21.9.2021 @ 10:00 – 11:30
Juha-Matti Markkola
+358 40 5599 412
Exporting food products to China -webinaari (eng)

Information sharing webinar: Exporting food products to China

What kind of possibilities do Chinese markets offer for small and medium sized
European food companies? What is Beijing Food Basket and what does it offer to the
companies? How LEADER-groups can help build relations to Chinese actors.


10.00 Welcome, Juha-Matti Markkola, Network Expert, Finnish Rural Network Support Unit
10.05 Export of Food products from Finland to China, Katja Pethman, Senior Officer, Finnish Food Authority
10.15 Introduction of the Beijing Food Basket (Meat and Fish products; Pork, Beef, Poultry (Chicken), Fish)
Presentation is delivered by the group of the key organizations behind the
project, such as
1. 北京菜篮子集团有限公司
Beijing Food Basket Group Co., Ltd.
2. 央企食品保障协会
China State-owned Enterprise Food Security Association
3. 央联易信科技有限公司
State-owned Enterprise Central-Union Yi Xin Technology Co., Ltd
4. 海禾央联(北京)科贸有限公司
Hai He State-owned Enterprise Central-Union (Beijing) Technology and Trade
Co., Ltd.
10.50 USF-Platform helps Chinese and EU companies in creating
partnerships. Heikki Perko, Business Development Coordinator, Prizztech Oy
11.00 Working with Finns and Europeans. Why establish a subsidiary to Finland (EU), Uniquette Solutions Oy, CEO Yamin Chen
11.10 Is it possible for a small company to sell product to China? Nordic Herbs Oy. Chief Commercial Officer Keir Cornelius
11.20 How Leader can help in building these relationships? Petri Rinne, Manager, Leader Joutsenten reitti
Closing words

The webinar will be held in Zoom. Please, register on the 17th of September at latest by using this link: https://e.eventos.fi/forms/maaseutu/2a324637-0ed5-11ec-a21a-ee6a04371b85

After registration participation link to the webinar will be sent on 20th of September. The webinar is organized by: Finnish Rural Network support unit, Prizztech Ltd., Leader Joutsenten reitti.